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Labfinder aims to significantly improve the overview of the German laboratory market and the contact between the customer and supplier.

In order to guarantee the correctness of the data, LabFinder is continuously maintained and therefore requires an annual data reconciliation from you as a supplier.
The maintenance, as well as the enabling of new functions is financed by the annual fee.
As a supplier, you profit from the requests of the users/customers, which are sent directly to your activated contact email address.
Without the data reconciliation the corresponding suppliers can no longer be selected for a request because of unknown data correctness.

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As a Supplier on LabFinder you

  • are on the radar of potential customers, with your company, product range and promotions
  • reach the market in German, English and French
  • show up for customers who would not notice you without LabFinder
  • stand out from other suppliers with product- and brand-specific banners
  • are able to get in touch with suitable partner companies for bundled and 3rd party offers

Activation on (Germany):

Attract attention:

With LabFinder you are on the radar of your potential customers

Show your ongoing special offers on LabFinder:

This option is currently free of charge for active suppliers.



Development of 2020 (Switzerland):

LabFinder GmbH creates attention and thus expands your customer base:

Present at ILMAC Lausanne 2020

Customer targeted marketing on Linkedin

Create awareness
at important places

Informing of customers
by post and email

Promoting by brochure
and flyer

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