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The History

It would be great if something like that would exist…

…Thus began the idea, which successfully led to…

LabFinder establishes a centralized platform, where Laboratories and other users of laboratory equipment can easy find product and brand related suppliers in a couple of clicks and contact them in one single step, while suppliers grow their customer base by reaching a larger audience for its products.

In order to take country-specific product ranges, distribution rights and supplier contact information into account, LabFinder is available as a separate platform for Switzerland and Germany.      Switzerland      Germany

Both Platforms are available in the English, German, or French.

Regarding the Users:

Users of LabFinder are labs, lab technicians, purchasers and other lab related persons, who are looking for suppliers for their needs.
Also suppliers can use LabFinder to get an overview of the competition in the country-specific market or to find a partner for cooperation.

This functionality is free of charge and can be used either as a guest or as a registered user with an own free user account and additional benefits.

Regarding the Suppliers:

With LabFinder, suppliers are always on the radar of potential customers by according to their profile, identifying them as potential product and brand related suppliers and be contacted/requested in a single step.

To get verified as active supplier on LabFinder, a registration for an annual fee is required.
By registering, the supplier is activated and enabled for all available functions.
LabFinder provides a password protected supplier account which allows to login and manage the profile and requests independently.

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Who we are

The LabFinder Team

André Lauper

André Lauper

Founder and Managing Director

Stefanie Lauper

Stefanie Lauper

Admin and Marketing Assistent

Oliver Berger

Oliver Berger

Investor and Partner


Personally, what excites me about LabFinder is that I can quickly and efficiently obtain and compare offers from various suppliers with very little effort. It doesn’t matter whether it’s
about consumables or complex devices/solutions.

Especially in times of supply shortages, I have great support here in my search for alternatives,
and it’s absolutely free.
The time I would otherwise have to spend searching can be used for other tasks

Angelina Wallier
Roche Innovation Center Basel, Hoffmann La Roche

LabFinder is the complementary addition to ILMAC .
Whereas at the exhibition the focus is on personal contact, LabFinder helps to find the right suppliers for the required products throughout the year.

In this way, we jointly support the visitor in solving his problem.

Michael Bonenberger
Brand Director ILMAC

For Milian, offers an excellent opportunity to present our products, alternatives and services in a targeted manner. The clear website allows us to easily present alternatives to hard-to-find products to visitors. It also allows us to point out aspects of our wide range of products to customers.
Through the inquiry function, we can specifically address questions and offer a customized solution.

Livio Ferrari
Managing Director, Milian SA / AG

LabFinder makes searching for laboratory equipment much easier, as relevant companies can be reached quite simply with a single enquiry.
At the same time, the request is also sent to companies that you have not necessarily thought of. This makes it easy to get many offers and to find the right product and/or the best price for it.

Dr. Barbara Keller
Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
University of Zurich

Friendly, reliable and competent advice. Highly recommended.

Thomas Baumann
Eidg. dipl. Drogist, Inhaber
Dorfdrogerie Baumann

Easy to use. Its really helpful in finding different product and brand specific suppliers and gives the option to directly contact them through their platform.
Saves a lot of time.

Alejandro Montoya
Senior Clinical Embryologist, OVA IVF Clinic Zürich


A large number of suppliers and users rely on us.

Take a look at all our Suppliers now.

Lubio Science
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Biolife Solutions
NBS Scientific

And many more…

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